Girl Scouts help your girl build a lot of courage, confidence, and character. Soon, she will make the world a better place.


Leaving friends and familiar things behind is hard.  Whether a family is relocating as part of a corporate, military, embassy or missionary service, Girl Scouts Overseas help to bring a sense of familiarity to her new home.  

Neighborhood Patch Program

Want to earn even more of our unique Patches?  Traveling this weekend? Check to see if there's a Neighborhood Patch your girl can earn!

Patch Spotlight

All the information about the BROWSING BERLIN Patch can be found HERE

Latest News

Our Girl Scouts will be at the Harvest Fest on 26 October.  Visit our troop cars or the bake sale for some goodies and hot beverages.


Our one-day STEM camp will be on 7 December.  Please email us if you can lend a hand! 

Newsy News:

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Volunteers Wanted!


If you've got some leadership spirit, we would like you to join our big family!



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