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Parent Resources

Find valuable community information below.


Do you need to register your daughter or yourself?  Are you new to the community, but not Girl Scouts?  Find all the information you need to register here:

Youth Registration

Adult Registration

Transfer to USAGSO

Renewing your family?

Question for our Registrar?


Uniforms and Payments

Our community has basic uniforms in stock for your convenience.  Our store is often available at big events, before OCMT and Leader meetings or contact your troop leader to coordinate.

Uniform Order Form (Fillable)

Your uniform order can be paid for by credit card.  Additional processing fees will apply.  Attach a copy of your credit card receipt to your Uniform Order.  Orders cannot be fulfilled without the Order form. 


Pay your store order by Credit Card

We also have a Neighborhood Patch program. 


Neighborhood Patches

Your neighborhood patches order can be paid for by credit card.  Additional processing fees will apply.  Please also fill out and email your Neighborhood Patches order form and send to the email on the form and note that you paid by creditcard.  Orders cannot be fulfilled without the Order form. 

Pay for your Neighborhood Patches by Credit Card

Additional Credit Card options are below.  When in doubt or have a problem, ask our Treasurer.

Pay your troop dues by Credit Card  

Key Contacts

Co-Chair - Megan Sham

Co-Chair  - Tahlia Ward

Treasurer - Sarah Parks

Secretary -  Allison Chersicla

Registrar & Recruitment - Shanica Bell

Cookie Manager - Teresa Pfeiffer

Grants - Jessa Brown

Store Coordinator - Tahlia Ward

Patch Coordinator - Jen Gillooly

Trainer, Events & Higher Awards- Ursula Werner

Outdoor Activities Manager - Seeking a Volunteer

Equipment Manager - Jackie Jones

Hut Manager - Sarah Asimakopous

Marketing and PR Manager - Marissa Atkinson

 Grant Application

Our Overseas Committee is dedicated to supporting our girls.  Grants are available on a first come, first serve basis and until the budget runs out.  Girls can apply for up to 2 individual grants, which include uniforms, dues, membership fees and more.


Individual Grants Application - click here to complete the grant.  Troop leaders cannot complete this information for individuals.

Question for our Grants Chair?

 Private Organization

While we are a girl scout committee under USAGSO, we operate on the garrison under the approval of the Private Org office.  Below are documents you may reference in relation to that status.


Approval to Operate


Current Constitution / Bylaws

Accounting SOPs


Facility Use License


Higher Awards

Our Highest Awards Committee is here to help Leaders and girls navigate their higher awards. All awards should go through the committee to keep the continuity and strength of each project.  


Contact the Higher Awards Committee


USAGSO has resources available to guide you along the way.  Resources include introductions to each level, Adult and Girl Guides, Volunteer training webinar, FAQs by level, Project Approval Forms and more! Find quick links to those resources here.


Bronze Award - Juniors

Silver Award - Cadettes

Silver Award proposal and final report got to Stuttgart Higher Awards Committee



Gold Award - Seniors & Ambassadors 

Recent Changes to the Program

Take Action Project Guide

Troop Forms

Troop leaders are required to have certain forms to run their troop meetings and field trips.  Please complete the following for our leaders to keep on file:

Permission Slip - if you are dropping off your child, the leader or event organizer must have a permission slip on file for you.

Health History Form (Youth) - please include immunization records with your submission.

Health History Form (Adult) - if you attend meetings, field trips or events, then we must have a health history form on file for you.

Transportation Form - you need to fill this out (and be a registered adult) if you are driving scouts for the troop.

Media Release - please indicate whether your child's image may be used in our social media material.

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