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How to Join!!



The 2023-2024 membership year is about to begin! Please contact our Registrar at 

StuttgartRegistrar@USAGSO.ORG for more details. 


How Girls Join

Girl Scouts join troops and groups according to their age or grade level. This way Girls enjoy activities with fun, friendship, character, self-esteem, and service at a developmental level that's safe and appropriate for the Girl.















How Adults Join


Women, and even men, over the age of 18 can join Girl Scouts as adult members. Adults serve as troop/group leaders, Committee members, trainers, event organizers and staff, and in any other way the Adult is willing and able. Adult training is conducted online and in person via workshops arranged through USAGSO. If you can't make a regular time commitment but want to contribute to the girls' Scouting experience, there are all kinds of ways -- we call them "pathways" -- to be a part of the team, like...


  • CAMP: Unplug from your everyday demands and explore the great outdoors with a group of like-minded girls. Share your passion and unique talents with tomorrow's outdoor enthusiasts.

  • EVENTS: Have high energy but limited availability? Choose your favorite topics, and help girls unleash their potential. During half- to three-day events, you'll interact with girls, excite their passions, and help them become their best selves.

  • SERIES: Have a particular skill or talent? Looking for a chance to work with girls without a long-term commitment? Then come share your passion with a focused group of girls who can't wait to learn your skill or pursue your area of interest.

  • TRAVEL: Expand girls' horizons. Explore the world—or at least your corner of it—with a group of girls who need your help planning a trip, earning money, and preparing themselves for the adventures of travel.

  • TROOPS: Want to participate in exciting activities, throughout the school year, with a small group of girls? You'll share so much as the girls in your troop earn awards and badges, go on field trips, and learn from community leaders and experts on issues important to your community.

  • VIRTUAL: Enjoy mentoring girls in an online environment. The magic of the Internet will link you with girls who immerse themselves in leadership activities, earn badges, and enjoy the virtual—but very real—friendships that blossom.

Ready to Register?

  • Contact the Stuttgart Girl Scouts Overseas Committee Chair  at to check on troop availability, meeting times and places, and how you can also be a part of your daughter's journey through Girl Scouts. 

  • Click on the appropriate link below.

  • Submit the annual registration fee of $25 per adult.



You're on your way!

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